Mobile Application Marketing Strategy – A Brief Overview

Mobile applications are part and parcel of any business nowadays. Being called ‘Omni-Channel’ demands any eligible products to service customer to sustain your competition. A mobile application here is necessary, to scale the business and to pull the Gen-Z crowd.

Most mobile application serve end users in multi-sided market. This market creates a network effect in which business side group connect with customer/consumer side group. To make this business model successful, requires a strong user group volume base. This is required to create interest to business to pitch in to your mobile application platform.

Having just a mobile application does not help to scale the business. A strong mobile app marketing strategy accompanied along with robust KPIs would help in meeting the goal.

A few of the strategy steps which should be included in to consideration,

  • Platform business cannot be mass marketed to achieve scale, hence a target marketing is necessary to maximize the benefits with minimized cost and risk
  • In mobile platform business entry barriers are low and competitions are high, hence first-mover becomes the winner take it all. Detailed competitor analysis is necessary to channelize your service to your target audience
  • The mobile application should be visible and appealing enough to target user group
  • A proper reach strategy in digital medium of your mobile application through viral videos, blogs, and other social media
  • Once launched, a strong Key Performance Index measures such as, App downloads, Daily Active users, Monthly active users, Stickiness Rates, Retention Rate, & Churn Ratio are monitored

The most important part of this evolving marketing strategy is to keep getting users feedback and keep addressing the unmet needs and creating unknown needs for the customer and market through the above-mentioned steps.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

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